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Lecture 1 – Introduction to Graphic Design:

  • Graphic Design Definition, Design Elements, and Principles.
  • Design Process: Problem Definition, Brainstorming, Prototype, Feedback, and Implementation.
  • Scale, Balance, Visual Hierarchy, Logical Order, Perspective, Rule of Third, and Focal Point.
  • Open files using Adobe Photoshop
  • Move between tabs inside Adobe Photoshop
  • Photoshop Workspace
  • Document Information

Lecture 2 – Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 2022:

  • Creative Thinking, five Methods of Thinking
  • Photoshop Interface and Workspace
  • Navigation Tools: Zoom, Pan, and move.
  • Saving images as .jpeg, .png
  • Using Hue/Saturation Adjustment – Destructive Approach

Lecture 3 – Understanding Layers:

  • Understand different layer types: Pixel Layer, Type Layer, Adjustment Layer
  • Create Adjustment layers along with pixel layers
  • Correct colors according to necessity – Color Correction Concept
  • Understand Destructive and non-destructive methods
  • Differentiate between Hue, Saturation, and Value

Lecture 4 – Light Adjustment Layers:

  • Understand different types of adjustments: Color, Light, and Filter Correction
  • Create New Color Layer and understand colorization methods
  • Adjust Light images using Levels
  • Adjust Colors using Level dropdown menus
  • Understand the Exposure adjustment layer.

Lecture 5 – Color Adjustment Layers:

  • Pick Fruits Categorized images from or
  • Learn Object Selection Method for specialized area colorization.

Lecture 6 – Selection Methods:

  • Essential Selection tools: Circle, Rectangle – Marquee Selection Tools
  • Create a Grid system to place colors and adjustments
  • Create new files inside Photoshop
  • Lasso Selection tools: Polygonal, Freehand Lasso Tool
  • Magic Wand Selection Tool: Tolerance, Contagious
  • Quick Selection Tools: use Brushes for selection

Lecture 7 – Advanced Selection Methods:

  • Object Selection Tool: Object Finder, Enhance Selection Method
  • Hair Selection Tool: Select and Mask
  • Subject Selection Tool: how to select the subject of the scene
  • Sky Replacement Tool
  • Color Range Tool: Fuzziness Tweak

Lecture 8 – Blending Methods and Layer Style:

  • Use Layer Blending Modes: White, Black Natural, and Color Family
  • Understand if Blend feature inside Layer Style
  • How to create drop shadow and bevel effect.
  • Adding multiple shadows to the scene
  • Learn type tool and how to blend it with the scene
  • Understanding clipping mask

Lecture 9 – Brushes:

  • Use brushes to create different scenes
  • Create your brushes inside photoshop
  • Use to create your design.
  • Hardness, Spacing, Scattering, and Jitter Definitions.

Lecture 10 – Retouching Tools:

  • Use Clone tool to copy particular objects in the scene
  • Use healing tools to remove unwanted spots inside the comp
  • Understand the difference between patch, healing, and clone tools
  • Use dodge and burn to adjust the brightness of different spots

Lecture 11 – Designing an Advertisement on social media:

  • How to collect images for your ad
  • How to choose typography for your comp
  • How to choose colors for your scene
  • How to blend your Photos, Icons, Typography to match perfectly with your design – Blending Rules

Lecture 12 – Advanced Photoshop Tooltips:

  • Camera Raw Filter: Dehaze, Clarity, and Temperature. Understand Color Grading Concept
  • Vanishing Point Tool: Create scenes in three-dimensional perspective
  • Puppet Warp Tool: how to move body parts of an animal inside photoshop
  • Content-Aware Tools


Lecture 1 – Introduction to Illustration:

  • Understand different parts of the illustration. Why do we use adobe illustrator?
  • Compare illustrator with photoshop: Advantages and Benefits.
  • Understand Vector-based drawings
  • Introduce branding: the visual identity of business cards, paper works, and logos.

Lecture 2 – Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2022:

  • Understanding Workspace, Navigation Workflow
  • Prepare artboards for work
  • Use Window Menu to extract and close panels inside illustrator
  • Create and adjust grid system inside illustrator

Lecture 3 – Primitive Shapes:

  • Create rectangle, rounded rectangle, Circle, and Star inside illustrator
  • Understand the stroke/fill option inside the tool’s menu
  • Arrange different objects in the scene using illustrator
  • Create optical illusions using the ~ button
  • Understand precise shape creation method

Lecture 4 – Transformation Methods:

  • Use Move, Rotate, Scale, and Reflect Commands
  • Create a pattern using various transformation methods
  • Learn about transforming each command
  • Understand transform again and use it to create duplicates

Lecture 5 – Extended Shapes:

  • Understand pathfinder tool in illustrator
  • The difference between the Merge and Trim tool
  • The importance of Exclude tool in illustrator
  • Use divide to relate between shapes and lines

Lecture 6 – Lines and Strokes:

  • Create Arcs, Lines, and Helix using Line Tools
  • Adjust Stroke options: Dash, Caps, Corners, and Alignment of the lines according to the path
  • Understand Width Tool options, Points, and extensions
  • Intersect lines with shapes using alignment methods

Lecture 7 – Alignment Tools and Line Curvature:

  • Understand Alignment and distribute the difference
  • Use Artboard, selection, or key object basis standard
  • Use curvature tool to adjust lines
  • Use zigzag effect to reformulate lines

Lecture 8 – Blend Tool:

  • Understand Line Blending Methods
  • Understand Shape Blending Methods
  • Understand Color Blending Methods
  • Understand Typography Blending Methods

Lecture 9 – Gradient Tool:

  • Gradient Types: Linear, Radial, and Freeform Gradient
  • Understand Reverse, placing points, opacity, and location.
  • Create social media icons using gradient tools

Lecture 10 – Path Tool:

  • Incorporate Bezier game within the study
  • Understand the concept of linear and curved shapes
  • When to use the path tool
  • How to create pointy or rounded edges
  • How to trace images using the Path tool

Lecture 11 – Design an illustration:

  • Decide the style of drawing that is going to help demonstrate the visual message
  • Work with lines, shapes, and layers
  • Typography Selection
  • How to submit for the client
  • Export options

Lecture 12 – Advanced Illustrator Tips:

  • Distort Options Make with Warp, Mesh, or Envelope Distort
  • 3d Materials and Objects: Extrude, Revolve, Inflate
  • How to render 3d objects
  • How to create materials inside illustrator

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