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CorelDraw (styled CorelDRAW) is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation. It is also the name of Corel's Graphics Suite, which bundles CorelDraw with bitmap-image editor Corel Photo-Paint as well as other graphics-related programs (see below). The latest version is marketed as Graphics Suite 2017 (equivalent to version 19), and was released in April 2017. CorelDraw is designed to edit two-dimensional images such as logos and posters.


Course Details


Lesson 1 - What’s New in CorelDRAW
The Create a New Document Dialog Box
Drawing Tool Enhancements
Scaling an Arrowhead
New Corner Edits for Rectangles
Revamped Mesh Fill Tool
More Power to PowerTRACE
New Pixel View
New Document Palette
Eyedroppers All Over the Place
Adobe Application Compatibility
Introducing Corel CONNECT
Connecting with Your Content
Clip Art and Photographs
Lesson 2 - Exploring Your
The CorelDRAW X5 Workspace
Specific Toolbar and Dialog Values
Working with Dockers
Using the Toolbox
Working with Toolbars
Using the Color Palette
Lesson 3 - CorelDRAW’s Ins and
Outs: Importing, Exporting, and
Saving Design Work
CoreDRAW X5’s Welcome Screen
Opening Your First New Document File
Opening Document Files
Saving and Closing Documents
Working with Templates
Clipboard Commands
Undoing and Redoing Changes
Scrapbooks, An Old Favorite
Importing and Exporting Files
Choosing Export File Formats
Lesson 4 - Navigating and Page
Setting View Mode
Zooming and Panning Pages
Special View Modes
Using the View Navigator
Using the View Manager Docker
Working with Views of a Document’s
Depth: Layers
Lesson 5 - The CorelDRAW Test
Begin a Design with a Concept
Setting Up the Page for the Logo
Using the Polygon Tool to Design a Gear
Welding an Edge to a Typed Character
A Brief Excursion into Gradient Fills
Going 3D
Adding Text to the Logo
Align, Group, Scale, Flip and Print
The Test Drive Cross-Reference
Lesson 6 - Working with Singleand
Multi-Page Documents
Setting Up Your Document Page
Naming Pages
Page Commands
Lesson 7 - Measuring and Drawing
Using The Ruler
Introducing the Indispensable CorelDRAW
Working with Guidelines, Dynamic Guides,
and Guide Layers
Working with Dynamic Guides
Controlling the Guides Layer
Using the Dimension Tools
Lesson 8 - Creating Basic
Shapes, Applying Transformations
CorelDRAW X5’s Smart Drawing Tool
Using the Rectangle Tool and Property Bar
Using the Ellipse Tool and Property Bar
Using Polygons and the Property Bar
Using the Spiral Tool
Using the Graph Paper Tool
Using Perfect Shape Tools
Using the Convert Outline to Object
Lesson 9 - Moving, Scaling, Rotating:
Basic Transformations
Basic Object Selection
Moving Objects
Transforming Objectives
Applying Precise Transformations
Controlling the Order of Things
Lesson 10 - Drawing and Editing
Introducing CorelDRAW X5’s Curve Tools
Using the Artistic Media Tool
How to Draw in CorelDRAW
Drawing Arcs with the 3-Point Curve Tool
Using the Bézier and Pen Tool
Editing Bézier Paths
Controlling Freehand and Bézier Tool
Working with Compound Paths
Lesson 11 - Editing Objects
Reshaping Things
Shaping and Reshaping Object Shapes
Working Examples of Object Shaping
The Knife Tool
Using the Eraser Tool
Using the Virtual Segment Delete Tool
Cropping an Illustration
Using the Smudge Brush
Using the Free Transform Tool
The Roughen Brush
Lesson 12 - Getting Artistic
with Text
CorelDRAW’s Text Tool
The Text Bar and Special Paragraph
Formatting Paragraph Text
Wrapping Text Around Other Shapes
Embedding Objects into Text
Changing and Proofing Formatted Text
Text and Styles
Lesson 13 - Typography Rules
and Conventions
Font Families and Font Styles
Finding the Font you Need
Finding and Saving Important Characters
Font Etiquette: Using Fonts with Style and
Lesson 14 - Getting Your Words
Using CorelDRAW’s Writing Tools
Using the Proofing Tools
Setting Spell Checker Options
Using Grammatik
Using the Thesaurus
Using Quick Correct
Lesson 15 - Filling Objectives
Examining the Fill Types
Using the Color Palette
From Uniform to Non-Uniform Object
Uniform Color Fill Options on the Property
Applying a Fountain Fill
Applying Pattern Fills
Applying Texture Fills
Applying PostScript Fills
Applying Mesh Fills
Sampling and Applying Fill Colors
Lesson 16 - Outline Attributes
Applying Outline Pen Properties
Outline Pen Options and the Property Bar
Using the Outline Tool
Exploring the Outline Pen Dialog
Turning an Outline into and Object
Lesson 17 - Digital Color Theory
Put to Practice
Digital Color Terms and Definitions
Using Color-Related Dockers
Moving from Color Models to Other Ways
to Define Color
Using Fixed and Custom Palettes
Color and Color Correction
Lesson 18 - Working with Perspective
The Optical Principle of Perspective
Experiments in Perspective
Lesson 19 - Extruding Objects
Navigating the Interactive Markers
Using the Extrude Tool and Property Bar
Using Vector Extrude Presets
Using the Extrude Docker
Controlling Extrude Complexity Using
Facet Size
Lesson 20 - Envelope and Distortion
Creating Envelope Effects
Constraining Single Are Envelopes
Using Envelope Shapes Between Objects
Mastering Distortion Effects
Using the Distort Tool and the Property Bar
Using Distortion Presets
Lesson 21 - Blends and Contours
Blend and Contour Effects: Similarities with
Blending as Illustration Shading
The Blend Tool and Property Bar
Creating a Simple Blend Effect
Looking at the Components of a Blend
Editing Blend Effects
Using the Blend Docker
Tapping into Contour Effects
Exploring CorelDRAW’s Contour Effects
Using the Contour Tool and Property Bar
Controlling Contour Acceleration
Using Contour Presets
Using the Contour Docker
Lesson 22 - Lens Effects, Transparency,
Shadows, Glows, and
What’s Behind a Lens Effect
Using the Lens Docker
Exploring the Lens Effects
Using Lens Options
Clearing Things Up with the Transparency
Using the Transparency Tool and Property
Using Transparency Operations (Merge
Creating Multi-Stage Transparencies
Pattern and Texture Transparencies
Using Transparency Freeze
Using the Bevel Effect
Using the Drop Shadow Effect
Lesson 23 - Bitmap Boot Camp:
Working with Photographs
The Properties of a Pixel-Based Image
Importing Bitmaps into a Document
Placing and Modifying and Image
An Everyday Bitmap-Oriented Workflow
Lesson 24 - Advanced Photography
Techniques with CorelDRAW
Cropping a Placed Photograph
Nondestructive Cropping
Masking Through Nondestructive Cropping






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