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Adobe Illustrator is the world's most powerful drawing (vector-based) program for creating attractive illustrations, Logos, cartoons, maps, advertisements from scratch in a professional way to provide creative solutions. Illustrator is very popular in both printed and digital media.


⦁ Understanding the fundamental roles of Illustrator.
⦁ Creating a new document from scratch for Print and digital.
⦁ Acquiring good skills in vector drawings and logo designing.
⦁ Proofing and Printing.



MODULE 1: Introduction

What is Illustrator & What Illustrator Can Do?

Installing Illustrator

Viewing the Illustrator Window

Working with Panels

Opening a Document

Saving a Document

Creating a New Document Using Presets

Using Multiple Artboards

Changing the Screen Display Mode

Viewing and Using Rulers

Using the Guides

Using Smart Guides

Using Undo and Redo


MODULE 2: Customizing your workspace

Setting General Preferences

Setting User Interface Preferences


MODULE 3: Objects

Understanding Vector and Raster Graphics

Understanding Paths

Creating Rectangles and Ellipses

Creating Polygons and Stars

Creating Line Segments

Understanding Selections

Using the Selection Tools

Using the Direct Selection Tool

Using the Magic Wand Tool

Selecting and Grouping Objects

Moving Objects

Duplicating Objects

Aligning and Distributing Objects

Transforming Objects

Rotating and Scaling Objects

Reflecting and Shearing Objects

Applying Multiple Transformations

Creating Arcs and Spirals

Creating Grids

Using the Shape Builder Tool

Using Rectangular grid tool

Using spiral tool


MODULE 4: Colors

Working with Color Mode

Working with the Color Panel

Working with the Swatches Panel

Using the Color Guide Panel

Creating Groups in the Swatches Panel

Adding Color Using the Color Panel

Recolor Artwork


MODULE 5: Fill, Stroke and Gradients

Applying Fill and Stroke Colors

Changing Stroke Attributes

Using the Eyedropper Tool

Using the Transparency Grid


Creating Variables Stroke width tool

Creating Patterns for Fills

Editing Patterns

Creating Transparency Masks

Applying Gradients

Creating Gradients

Using the Gradients Tool




MODULE 6: Type

Adding and Deleting Anchor Point

Aligning and Joining Anchor Point

Working with Pathfinder

Creating a Compound Path

Points and Path

Using Type Tools

Creating point text

Creating Area Type

Modifying Type on A Path

Importing Text

Working with Overflow Type

Changing Fonts

Changing Font Size

Leading, Kerning, Tracking, Scaling, Rotating and Formatting Type

Aligning Paragraphs


MODULE 7: Exporting a Document

Understanding export file formats

Exporting as PNG or JPEG

Saving as adobe PDF

Saving as an EPS


MODULE 8: Perspective Objects

Creating Perspective Objects

Working with Perspective Objects

Selecting Similar Objects


MODULE 9: Blending

Blending Fill Colors

Applying Blend Options

Creating Blends with the Blend Tool


MODULE 10: Points and Path

Drawing With the Pen Tools

Converting Points


MODULE 11: Layer

Understanding the Layer Panels


MODULE 12: Graphics

Opening Graphics

Placing Graphics

Linking Graphics

Tracing Raster Graphics

Converting Tracing to Paths

Applying Graphic Styles

Inserting Images in a Document

Clipping Mask


MODULE 13: Effects

Applying Illustrator Effects

Applying the Scribble Effect

Applying the Drop Shadow Effects

Applying 3D Effects

Applying Warp Effects

Applying Distort and Transform Effects

Applying Multiple Effects

Applying Appearance Attributes


MODULE 14: Drawing

Using the Pencil Tool

Creating Live Paint Groups

Setting Live Paint Bucket Tool Options

Using the Live Paint Bucket Tool


MODULE 15: Painting

Using the Brushes Panel

Using the Paintbrush Tool

Editing and Creating Scatter Brushes

Editing and Creating Calligraphic Brushes

Editing and Creating Pattern Brushes

Editing and Creating Bristle Brushes


MODULE 16: Symbols

Using the Symbols Panel

Using Symbol Libraries

Working with Symbols

Duplicating and Editing Symbols

Breaking Symbol Links

Using the Symbol Sprayer Tool


MODULE 17: Automate commands

Opening and using script


MODULE 18: Proofing and Printing

Finding and Replacing Text and Elements

Setting Marks and Bleed Options

Using Crop Mark







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